Artel Small

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Client - Artel Small
Production - Untime
Creative Direction - Liza Tarasova
Storyboard - Liza Tarasova
Art Direction - Liza Tarasova, Ayrin Ari
Design & Illustration - Ayrin Ari, Olya Kovalenko, Ira Voilenko
Animation Direction - Liza Tarasova
Cel Animation - Liza Tarasova
Cleanup - Vlad Zhelikhovskyi, Sergey Stripachenko, Liza Tarasova
2D Animation & Compositing - Vlad Zhelikhovskyi, Sergey Stripachenko
Sound FX - Zvoolab Audio
Original Music - Molo Dimolo
We were asked in creation of stylish short animation for bringing attention of entrepreneurs to Artel Small company. Which offer finance and human resources consultants for small-medium size companies.
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