City Electric Supply NAMC 2018


Client - City Electric Supply
Agency - Putty Division
Production - Untime Studio
Creative Direction - Liza Tarasova
Animation Supervising - Liza Tarasova, Tony Pinkevych
Project Management - Anastasia Birykova
Design - Ira Voilenko, Olga Kovalenko
Animation - Sergey Stripachenko, Vladyslav Zhelikhovskyi, Tony Pinkevych
Sound design - Stanislav Kolesnikov
City Electric Supply launched a yearly based conference. And the wanted to make it more interested to viewers. So they decided to show not only rough data but beautiful animations to attract attention of viewers.
That's why they asked us about help. And it was pleasure for us to create a brand new animation bundle for great company.
The main task was in creation of fully animated conference identity. We developed animation of logo, lower thirds, opening and 9 infographic videos to show statistic of each region.

Opening theme storyboard


Infographic animation



Conference logo animation


Video title animation template

And some photos from the conference

photo 01 photo 02

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